The Holy Trinity Rectory

Over the past two years, energy expenses for the Holy Trinity church and rectory have been evaluated along with a thorough inspection of the boiler that heats the church and rectory building. The boiler has been found to be operating efficiently when considering the age of the equipment. Expenses, however, in comparison to the costs of the other two Holy Spirit campuses are significantly higher.

A recommendation from the Buildings &Grounds Committee has been approved by the Finance and Pastoral Councils to make mechanical changes to isolate the rectory building from the boiler this winter season to assess the effect on energy expenses and the effect on the building. This plan was implemented in November, 2016. In addition to isolating the rectory building from the boiler, water in radiators and pipes will be drained to reduce the chances of pipes freezing and breaking. In the spring an assessment of expenses and any effects on the building will be done.

The Holy Spirit Parish councils are very committed to controlling costs and will continue to seek ways to lower costs at all sites where possible, so that all three sites can continue to provide for the spiritual and social needs of Holy Spirit Parish.

Holy Spirit Parish Buildings Grounds Committee, Finance Council and Pastoral Council


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